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Vacuum Glossary

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  • Agitator The brush at the base of a vacuum that pushes dirt and debris toward the suction.

  • C

  • Canister vacuum Works best on hard surfaces or smaller carpeted areas, such as stairs. A suction hose picks up dirt, and their lightweight structure and retractable cord make this vacuum convenient and ideal for easy storage.

  • D

  • Deep cleaner Used for heavy-duty jobs on nearly any surface. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Dirt container A bagless design that makes it easy to empty and replace the dirt catcher.

  • H

  • Handheld vacuum Smaller size vacuum that can clean hard-to-reach areas.

  • HEPA air filter High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are extended-surface filters that capture up to 99% of all dust particles known to cause common allergies.

  • High traffic A setting that automatically mixes the right amount of water and cleaning formula to dissolve tough grime and heavy soil typically found on high-traffic areas, like entryways.

  • N

  • Normal A setting that automatically provides the best mix of water and cleaning formula for most cleaning jobs.

  • Q

  • Quick release cord wrap With this handy feature, you can release the full length of the vacuum's power cord in one quick movement.

  • S

  • Strain reliever handle Ergonomically designed to reduce hand and wrist stress.

  • Sweeper/stick vacuum Commonly used for quick, cleanup areas, such as kitchen and bathroom floors. Most stick vacuums have a dirt cup instead of a bag to collect debris.

  • U

  • Upright vacuum Perfect for large, carpeted areas of the house. Uprights use a motor-driven beater brush that loosens and removes dirt through suction. Most come with onboard attachments which make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy. There are designs with bags to capture dust and debris and others that are bagless. Some uprights feature height adjustments, allowing you to clean dense carpet or hardwood floors with the flip of a switch.

  • V

  • Vacuum bag The bag attached to the vacuum to collect dirt particles.

  • W

  • Water rinse/carpet protector The best option for a clean water rinse. It should also be used when applying the carpet protection through the applicator.

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