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Types of Knives

chef's knife

Chef's knife

Because they are so versatile, chef's knives are the most popular kitchen knives. They are best for everyday chopping and slicing.

paring knife

Paring knife

With a blunt tip and straight edge, the paring knife is great for precision tasks like dicing veggies and slicing or peeling delicate fruits.

carving knife

Slicing / Carving knife

Keep a quality slicing or carving knife on hand to cut through turkeys, roasts and more. A traditional slicing knife features a rounded tip with a very long, straight edge, making it ideal for cutting meat into clean, even slices.

bread knife

Bread knife

With a scalloped edge, a quality bread knife will cut through soft, fresh bread without tearing or mashing it.

utility knife

Utility knife

An all-around knife that's good for cutting almost anything, a utility knife is a must-have for every kitchen.

santoku knife

Santoku knife

A Santoku knife has all the great features of a cleaver and the versatility of a chef's knife. Santoku knives work especially well for mincing, dicing and slicing.

boning knife

Boning knife

With a narrow blade that efficiently removes bone from meat, a boning knife is an essential for every chef.



A very large, heavyweight knife that's ideal for chopping through meat and poultry with bones in a single stroke.

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