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Luggage Features

Packing capacity

  • Interior space in your luggage that allows for packing. Some luggage looks big, but has obstructions (like the frame and retractable handle pipes) that don't allow as much space.


  • Made from materials like ABS plastic and polycarbonate, hardside luggage provides long-lasting durability and protection. Also look for expandable hardsides to give you additional packing space.

In-line skate wheels

  • Small, often side-mounted wheels that give your luggage mobility.

Spinner wheels

  • Four, multi-directional wheels that often rotate 360 degrees to give your luggage added mobility.


  • Measures the thickness of the fiber in a fabric, and indicates the material's durability.

Ribbed corner guards

  • Keep the fabric extra protected in the area where it's bumped the most.

Integrated ID tag

  • ID tag sewn directly onto your luggage rather than hanging off the handle. It offers more reliability, so your luggage returns to you in case it's misplaced.

Telescoping handle

  • Retractable handles work with wheeled bags to help roll your luggage if it's too heavy for you to carry.

Fully lined interiors

  • An extra layer of protection for your clothes from outside elements.


  • Certain luggage offers a zippered compartment that contains several inches of additional fabric, so it expands in an instant.


  • Look for sealable compartments, like wet packs, shoe bags and toiletry pockets, to keep wet or dirty items separate from your clean clothes.

Tie-down straps

  • Interior tie-down straps keep clothes neat and contained during transport.
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