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social impact at Kohl’s

We aim to fulfill our purpose and live our values, all while keeping our social impact top of mind. In everything we do, we strive to show how much we care. Explore all the ways we make a positive impact!


We’re here to help (and not just in the store).

Your community is our community. That’s why you’ll see us out there in the neighborhood with our sleeves rolled up, working to ensure families are safer, happier and healthier. Kohl’s is dedicated to giving back to the communities where our customers and associates live and work, as well as our hometown organizations.

Every purchase helps families.

When customers purchase our Kohl’s Cares merchandise, 100% of the net profit from the sale of these items is donated to support charitable organizations nationwide. Nearly $340 million has been raised since 2000.

hospital partners

Discover how your Kohl’s Cares purchase is helping hospitals make an impact in your state.

We’re helping to support programs focused on healthy development, safety, wellness and chronic disease management in communities across the country.

volunteer program

Through Kohl’s volunteer program, we foster a culture of giving in all our locations and encourage associates to contribute their time and talent to local eligible nonprofit organizations. With every qualifying event, Kohl’s provides a dollar reward to the benefiting organization in support of these volunteer efforts.

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Green isn’t just for Kohl’s Cash® around here.

We are committed to protecting and conserving the environment by seeking solutions that encourage long-term sustainability. The steps we have taken and continue to take—both big and small—are helping us drive results as we strive to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Working here should be just as rewarding as shopping here.

Our associates are our greatest asset. They drive the positive impact our company works to make for our customers, community, partners and environment. We are committed to fostering a best-in-class workplace for current and prospective associates through engagement, development and recognition. We do this by building great teams that value open communication and diverse perspectives.

See how this associate’s journey to better health inspired others on his team.
See how this associate’s journey to better health inspired others on his team.
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We believe in partnering with good brands, vendors and organizations that share our values.

Our commitment to social impact extends to our relationships with our suppliers and merchandising vendor partners. This is embedded in our social compliance process and reinforced by our policies, programs and partnerships. We expect our vendor partners to live up to their commitments, including the fair and ethical treatment of workers engaged in the manufacturing of merchandise procured for Kohl’s.

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