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How to Clean Cookware

Can pots and pans be put in the dishwasher? Many of the different surfaces may be safe in the dishwasher, but hand washing them will add to your cookware's longevity. Always double check with the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

If food sticks to the interior of the pan or the pan is sticky, it could be that you have the heat turned up too high. Food should be heated gently and heat should be turned down as soon as the food reaches its optimal temperature.

I have spots or staining on the interior of my stainless steel pots and pans. What is this? Some foods contain acids and salts that can cause subtle and minor corrosion to cooking surfaces. To solve this, add salt to dishes only when water is boiling to prevent it from settling on the bottom of the pan. Another reason may be that the pan was overheated. This type of corrosion can be removed by using a stainless steel cleaner.

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