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Bedding Buying Guide

Choose an option below to learn how to pick the right bedding essentials.

Pick the Perfect Pillow

Sleep Position and Density

Side Sleepers should seek a firm style to support the neck and maintain proper spine alignment.

Back sleepers should choose a medium support pillow to align the head, neck and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers should avoid thick, bulky pillows and opt for a thinner style with soft support.

Fill Type

Down is soft, yet resilient and provides flexible support where you need it. A well-cared-for down pillow will last longer than synthetic fill, as down will revitalize with regular washing, making it a worthwhile investment.

Feather is a less expensive natural fill that generally provides more support than down.

Down Alternative is a hypoallergenic, synthetic clustered fiber specifically designed to mimic the loft and comfort of down, but is generally a less expensive option and offered in a wide variety of firmness levels.

Memory Foam is a soft, sponge-like material that contours to your head and neck for customized comfort. Often available with advanced technology, such as cooling and antimicrobial attributes.

Covers & protectors

Protect your pillow from dirt, allergens and moisture while helping extend the life of your pillows.