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LEGO Avengers Toys

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Avengers LEGO Toys

Avengers assemble! What could be better than a superhero? A team of superheroes, of course! The Avengers team brings together some of your Marvel favorites like The Hulk and Iron Man. For fans of Earth's mightiest heroes, Kohl's has an amazing assortment of Avengers LEGO toy sets!

Whether you're a kid or an adult, LEGOs are simply fun! They're a great creative outlet and you'll feel awesome once you've built something from the ground up. Add in Avengers and you'll be acting out epic adventures and saving Earth from imminent danger in no time. Stack up your Avengers team with all of Marvel's LEGO super heroes! Start off with this Iron Man LEGO toy. Add in Thor. Then you can round out your team with LEGO Captain America toys. And don't forget The Hulk! Once you have the whole team assembled, you can start gifting these great Avengers LEGOs to friends and family. LEGO Avengers gifts are perfect for all the Avengers fans in your life!

Let Kohl's be your destination for everything Avengers!