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Home Automation

The robots are coming.

Who are we kidding? The robots are already here. But they aren't the stodgy computerized lifeforms we'd thought they'd be. No, the robots that are helping us live better lives are really extensions of ourselves. They're the smart home devices, like smart thermostats, that remember to turn the heat down at ten in the evening.

Or they are the smart tvs that talk to our smartphones -- no matter where we are -- to record our favorite shows, alert us to breaking news or notify us when our children get home from school and flip on the television.

They are also the smart lighting that turns our lights on and off -- inside or out -- at specific times that work for our individual lives or even when we walk into or out of a specific room.

Yes, the robots of the future are here today. And they are much better than we could have ever dreamed they'd be. Because they aren't the tin cans on wheels depicted in the cartoons of our childhoods. Or the short-circuiting butlers from the movies of our youth that -- while funny -- made life more complicated than necessary. No, the home automation and smart home devices that are helping to simplify our surroundings today are the digitized details of our lives that -- once out of sight and out of mind -- help us stay in the moments of what's most important, so we and our families and friends can make the most of every breath.

And to those robots, we say, 'Welcome Home.'