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Tips for Finding Baby Dresses

As a parent, you only want the best when it comes to your child. With such an amazing selection of baby dresses in a variety of styles and colors including short sleeve baby dresses and blue baby dresses, it can be overwhelming conducting your search. So, when you’re looking for the perfect baby dress to keep your little one stylish, take advantage of these tips to help you find the right dress style and fit that is sure to be an instant favorite.

Sizing is Important

It’s important to remember that babies can grow incredibly fast within the first few weeks. If you buy a dress that’s too small, it will quickly become too restrictive and uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s better to opt for larger sizes that your baby can fit into within a few months. 

In general, sizing varies from company to company. And when in doubt, you can make your purchase based on the baby’s height and weight rather than age. However, for general size guidelines, you can take a look at this size chart for a better idea of what size might work for her.

Carter's / OshKosh B'gosh Size Chart
 Weight (lbs.)Height (in.)
PreemieUp to 6Up to 17"
3 mo.8-12.521.5-24"
6 mo.12.5-16.524-26.5"
9 mo.16.5-20.526.5-28.5"
12 mo.20.5-24.528.5-30.5"
18 mo.24.5-27.530.5-32.5"
24 mos.27.5-3032.5-34.5"

Size chart is a general guide. It may include sizes that are unavailable for this item.

Comfort is Key

Two of the most important factors when choosing baby dresses are comfort and safety. When conducting your search, ensure that there aren’t any loose buttons or sharp zippers on the dress. Additionally, watch out for any stiff labels that can potentially become an irritant or injure her delicate skin. Look for clothing with a layer of fabric to protect against zippers and rough edges. The most important thing is that your little one remains protected and comfortable in anything that she wears. 

In addition to comfort, opt for durable dresses that will remain intact as she plays or crawls about. Clothing that is too fragile will begin to show signs of fading and tearing with repeat washes. And because new babies have sensitive skin, look for cotton or soft cotton blends to keep her feeling as comfortable as she’ll look.

Look for Clothing Features

Truth is, it can be difficult to dress a wiggling baby. Items like buttons can sometimes be frustrating to undo. That’s why it’s important to consider how easy it is to put on and take off the dress. To make dressing easier, look for the following features for added convenience:

  • Snaps or other easy openings that make it quick and easy to change diapers
  • Snaps and zippers that are located in the front rather than the back
  • Machine washable dresses
  • Materials that don’t require ironing
  • A soft and stretchy neck opening

Consider the Occasion

Now comes the fun part! After all, you don’t want your baby to wear a formal lace dress while crawling around outdoors. If you’re headed out for a special day at grandma’s, sweeten her wardrobe with casual baby dresses. Is the family dressing up for a special event? Explore our patriotic, dressy, and christening dresses. 

Once you’ve picked out the style and color, consider the season. In colder weather, babies need several layers of clothing to stay warm. Blankets, onesies, and long sleeve shirts provide extra layers to keep the baby warm and comfortable. Socks and booties are also necessary until the baby walks. Alternatively, when the weather is hot, opt for a single layer of loose-fitting, lightweight garments.

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