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Extra Wide Shoes

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Extra Wide Fit Shoes

Put your best foot forward in extra wide shoes from Kohl's. Extra wide fit shoes offer the perfect amount of comfort and support for everyday wear. Don't settle for shoes that pinch and leave your feet sore and blistered at the end of the day. Explore a wider variety of styles, from extra wide dress shoes to extra wide athletic shoes, perfect for having better runs and workout sessions at the gym. When shopping for shoes, be sure to find the perfect pair in the size you need to feel your best at Kohl's!

At Kohl's, we have shoe options for your entire family. You can find extra wide width shoes for women and extra wide width shoes for men, as well as kids' shoes that are ideal for the little ones. Our footwear also features some of the most advanced footwear technology on the market, like extra wide width memory foam shoes that will keep you feeling your best all day long. And don't be afraid that needing extra wide shoes means you have to skimp on style! Kohl's offers extra wide width shoes in a variety of trendy styles with neat details, colors and patterns. When you're in search of the perfect pair of shoes, shop Kohl's and find just what you need!

Footwear at Kohl's provides comfort and style at a price that won't break your budget. Don't forget to explore wide and narrow shoes in addition to extra wide styles. You can find every size your family needs in one convenient place and at a great price. Be sure to check out other essentials like socks, comfort shoes and even school uniform shoes in the sizes you need. Kick off your everyday look with the perfect pair of shoes from Kohl's!